For family court support.

Women's McKenzie Friend.

For family court support.

Women's McKenzie Friend.

Welcome to Women's McKenzie Friend

Are you a woman going through the family courts and need assistance during a time of difficulty and stress? Then you need clear, assured legal guidance. We provide you clarity whilst your complex journey through the family legal system is made easier.

Women’s McKenzie Friend offers you affordable, cost effective help with Child Arrangements and Financial Orders throughout the whole of England and Wales.

Added Value - Reduced Cost - Less Pressure

When relationships break down and divorce or separation occurs, there are significant things to consider such as child contact arrangements; where you will live and the division of your property, home and possessions.

How we work with you

We work with women who benefit from clear guidance, assistance and support in navigating the family court that enables you to:
  • Achieve the outcomes for yourself and your children, reaching a settlement that is fair and balanced.
  • Have a clear understanding of legal processes, procedures and rules so that you feel supported and empowered in court.
  • Ensure a stressful period of your live is made easier through our consistent straightforward guidance.
  • As your trusted McKenzie Friend we offer excellent value services at low costs.

    72% more cost effective than solicitors

    100% customer value

    Please contact us for a FREE 30 minute consultation.


    Women’s McKenzie Friend provides:

    On-line support and attendance at remote hearings through-out the whole of England and Wales regarding Child Arrangements and Financial Proceedings.

    On line support and in person attendance at the family courts of Swindon, Oxford, Salisbury, Bath, Bristol, Basingstoke, Southampton, Portsmouth and Guidlford.

    We can also support you by attending other courts located within the South of England as agreed and on an individual basis. Just talk to us about your needs.

    You may need help with a range of issues in preparation for and attendance at court, such as:

    Child Arrangements


    • Responding to or applying for a child arrangements order.
    • Responding to or applying for Prohibited steps Order or Specific Issues Order.
    • Understanding and engaging with Cafcass
    • Preparing position and witness statements
    • Support with preparing for and attending court for hearings including First Hearings (FHDRA), Finding of Fact Hearings, Dispute Resolution Appointments (DRA) and Final Hearings
    • Varying an order
    • Guidance and support in dealing with breaches of court orders and assistance in applying to the court for enforcement

    Financial Orders

    • Completing your initial application, Form A
    • Completion and exchange of Form E before the first appointment
    • Maintenance pending suit
    • Chronology and Questionnaires
    • Filing and serving a Statement of Issues:
    • Statement of costs
    • Preparations for all hearings and attendance at the First Directions Appointment (FDA), Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing (FDR) and attendance at the final hearing

    We understand that navigating the family court system can be a stressful time for women and their children. It can feel like a journey into the unknown. Women’s McKenzie Friend will support you every step of the way. We know you may feel anxious about the legal process and procedures, worried about going to court, exhausted from the time and energy preparing for and attending court; juggling life, family, study and work whilst trying to minimise the impact on yourself and your children.

    We enable women to navigate the family courts with confidence...

    ...and who need more

    • Time
    • Certainty
    • Security
    • Stability
    • Independence
    • Work/Life balance

    ...and who need less

    • Spinning of plates
    • Unpredictability
    • Insecurity
    • Debt
    • Loss
    • Demands

    As McKenzie Friends we offer guidance and support as lay persons, for which Women’s McKenzie Friend has full professional Indemnity Insurance in place. Women’s McKenzie Friend service does not provide legal advice nor do we have trained or qualified lawyers.

    Please see the Practice Guidance Document issued for civil and family courts in 2010 outlining how a McKenzie Friend may assist a Litigant in Person.

    Significant statistics:

    of women decided not to take action with family law problems after being turned down for legal aid. (Rights of Women 2013)
    of parties in private family case law (both applicants and respondents) were unrepresented (2016-2017) and acted as Litigants in Person
    increase in audio hearings in family courts. (23 March to 6 April 2020 – Nuffield Family Justice Observatory)
    new cases started in Family courts throughout 2020